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The Origin Of Satvik Herbs

Satvik Herbs Holistic Alternatives

Your journey to better health starts with knowing the story behind Satvik Herbs and it's founder, Dr. Holmberg Sinegina. Her personal experiences mirror many as they search for alternative methods to health and wellness. Healthcare in the U.S. leaves much to be desired when it comes to long-term improvements and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit. The development of Formula 275 is a breakthrough in holistic medicine and our hope is to bring many to greater knowledge and understanding of Ayurvedic methods. At Satvik Herbs, we take your future seriously by providing powerful herbal blends to methodically correct imbalances within the human body.

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Founder And Healing Practitioner

Larisa V. H. Sinegina

As a Doctor of Ayurvedic medicine (AD) my goal is to decrease suffering and help people interested in rejuvenated health and beauty, especially patients with chronic health conditions, pain, sleep problems, and clients wanting to prepare for any medical esthetics procedures. I also work with clients wanting to better manage their cancer, before, during and after chemotherapies and/or radiation treatments. I have a special place in my heart for cancer patients, because of my own experience with cancer (2004), chemotherapy, radiation and surviving an incurable disease.

Background & Circumstances

I have a lifetime of experience with healing herbs, starting back from when I was a child. I have the experience of living in an organic village in the forests of Ukraine, learning the secrets of botanicals and plants from my great aunt and grandmother. I have the knowledge that comes from working as a holistic nurse. In the Ukraine herbal treatments were the best available options for average people with health problems. I have been very fortunate to be brought up in a culture that knows the significance of herbal remedies and the history of their usage throughout the ages. As of late, I have traveled parts of the world in order to absorb myself in an extensive study of Ayurveda. Some of my stops included areas such as Kiev, Ukraine, India and currently, Colorado.

How Satvik Herbs Began

Satvik Herbs was born on a brilliantly beautiful sunny day in February 2011 in Boulder Colorado. Satvik Herbs was originally created to deliver the best quality 100% organic, fresh and potent, Ayurvedic products for beauty and healing. Then, in April 2012, a true miracle happened and Satvik Formula 275 was born through the bliss of Shri Anandi Ma and Shri Dyanyogiji. Since April 2012 many people have benefited and many products developed from this revolutionary new Ayurvedic method, named Satvik Formula 275. Satvik Formula 275 truly represents a New Era of 'Herbotherapy' for herbal healing methods and applications.

Satvik Formula 275

Satvik Formula 275 is an individualized healing/ rejuvenating/stamina building Ayurvedic program that systematically rejuvenates the full body, balances the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha – the vital energies of the human body), yet detoxifies, conditions, nourishes and rejuvenates all seven bodily tissues (dhatus) in surprising direction. This is an individualized program of complete body Herbotherapy the great substitute for Now Days Pancha Karma. We have helped improve the quality of lives of many of our patients with this program in the last several years. We invite everyone interested in learning more about this program to attend our free introductory classes.

A Variety Of Herbotherapy Programs

Based on Ayurveda and the knowledge of Formula 275, we have developed many other very potent programs for healing and beauty. The 108+1 program can wake up and strengthen the immune system. Our body beauty management programs can bring longer lasting beauty and a younger look. We have developed potent programs for PUPPS, feet issues, vein issues, parasite cleansing, face paralysis, herpes, eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin problems. Check our products page or contact us with any questions.

Recognition And Sincere Appreciation

I am immensely grateful to Shri Anandi Ma for guiding us in this beautiful journey. Also, I am truly indebted to all those beautiful teachers who supported us and the formula from the very beginning. Thank you to my beautiful Ayurveda teacher in Kiev, Ukraine; you inspired me to learn the science of Ayurveda, so that I might become very much like you. Thank you to Dyanyogiji and the Five Brothers for giving the knowledge of Satvik Formula 275, a new Ayurvedic method and Herbotherapy that can bring healing and true sattva to the world. Thank you to all my Ayurveda teachers, Alakananda Devi, Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. Bharat Vaidya, Renay Oshop, Dr. Athale, Dr. E. Bren. Thank you to Jerry Densow for your incredible protection and support. Deep appreciation to Heather Baines for great support and helping to actually save the formula at the very beginning. Thanks to all my classmates who believed in Formula 275 and became an incredible help for us Nellie Shapiro, Oana Gonzales, Vicki Kaiser, Heather Kane.

Larisa V. H. Sinegina AD Qualifications Contributions

Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine (AD), General Practice, Esthetician, Ayurveda Bhishakgwara, 4 years’ diploma 2015 from Alandi Ayurveda Gurukula, 2 years Ayurveda Practitioner diploma 2013, Boulder CO USA. American Institute of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, 2 years CASAC diploma 1996, New York, NY USA. American Association of Gestalt Therapy one-year professional Gestalt Therapist Diploma 1994. Kiev’s Medical School #1, 4 years General Nursing Diploma 1992, Kiev Ukraine. Kiev’s School of Prospective Geology, 4 years’ diploma Business Administration 1984, Kiev Ukraine. High School #40 10 years’ program 1974 Ukraine. School of Music and Composition 7 years’ teacher of music, professional pianist Diploma 1973, Ukraine.

Once again, we are immensely grateful to Shri Anandi Ma for guiding us in this beautiful journey. Also, we are truly indebted to those people that supported us and the formula from the very beginning, volunteer in case studies our first heroes- Eva Gurne, Trupte Manina, Anthony Manina, Archana and John Holmberg.