Advanced Holistic Esthetician Training

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“Estheticians and skin care specialists are healers. It is our goal to help others love their skin by providing them with the information, tools and treatments they need to feel healthier and beautiful.”

-Lauren Y. from Littleton, CO.

Courses & Seminars

Advanced Holistic Estheticians Course Spectrum

These courses are for licensed estheticians or students. Sign up and receive a numbered certificate for our hands on courses, either in person or on Skype. Courses are 3 hours for each class, and 30 hours total for the entire program. We help you learn how to combine individualized facials and esthetician protocols. Recognize the needs of your clients and create specialized regimens targetting different face types and structures.


Advanced Esthetician Courses

Course 1

Introduction To Long Lasting Beauty

Introduction to our long lasting, evidence based, Natural Facelift Program. Learn individualized facelift protocols for Vata, Pita, and Kapha face and body Types. Target marma points for head and face for glowing skin.

Course 2

Facelift Devices & Instructional Usage

Facelift devices for every level of facelift and face types. In depth: scalp detox/lift/nourishment. Goal: to redirect toxins away from face, the first step to success for long lasing results.

Course 3

Facelift Implementation: Basic Techniques

Individualized intensity choice assessment based on individual face types. Combination of Ayurvedic applications and micro-current device. This is a 5 segment face lift beginner course. This program is an introductory course, focusing on studying the concepts surrounding holistic facelifts.

Course 4

Facelift Advanced Techniques

Face Lift Level II, III, IV and V techniques, individualized intensity choice assessment based on individual face types. Combination of Ayurvedic applications and micro-current device, 5 step face lift.

Course 5

Plant Based Eyelifts

Learn how to develop and administer plant based forumlas for eye problems such as dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles, and even create specialized cocktails for a “Botox” like result.

Course 6

Face Symmetry Targetted Treatments

Learn the importance of creating face symmetry "ear to ear" and face oval restoration. Implement budding new technologies and techniques such as the Nano Pen “Island" fat melting method. Revert and restore client skin from conditions such as “lizard" and skin/sun damaged skin restoration/rejuvenation/ and care.

Course 7

Submental Fullness Reduction Techniques

Reduce submental fullness or double chin, by learning fat melting, skin “shrinking” and lifting techniques using the Nano Pen, microcurrents, plant based cocktails and fruit pills.

Course 8

Targetted Holistic Necklift Treatments

Become adept in microcurrent technology and necklifting procedure using the Nano Pen, and plant based applications. Learn how to create your own Ayurvedic masks and take the necassary safety precautions for the betterment of client health.

Course 9

Ayurvedic Holisitic Esthetics Protocols

Take a specialized course for Ayurvedic and holistic esthetics protocols specialized for acne, skin blemishes, wrinkles, freckles, skin tags and scars.

Course 10

Full Body Beauty Management

Become an educator for full body beauty management. How to sustain a youthful look of the face and body with daily, weekly, and seasonal routines. Learn the importance of hygiene: self-care, bedroom care, kitchen care and more. Select proper foods for health and beauty targetted at specific age groups and skin types.

The Results: Model Age 66 | 13 Weeks


The client came in expressing issues regarding some superficial blemishes, wrinkles, extra skin underneath the chin, along with other signs of aging.
Dosage Goal:
- SHHF275 (3x) Daily
- Weekly LED Therapy
Target Areas:
- Forehead
- Eyes
- Chin
- Neck
Treatment Duration: 13 Weeks


This client continues to visit us at Satvik Herbs and is showing greater improvements than they initially expected. Abnormal skin conditions are subsiding.
Dosage Accuracy:
- 86 Percent of all scheduled beauty treatments met.
Result Areas:
- Forehead
- Eyes
- Chin
- Neck
Photo Taken: 01 / 25 / 2017