An Introduction To Ayurveda Health And Wellness

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An Introduction To Ayurveda Health And Wellness

Ayurveda is an Ocean of True Beauty Full of Priceless Knowledge, Love, Joy, Integrity and Devotion with Endless Possibilities

Human life is an intelligent, multi-dimensional combination of interconnected systems, organs and energies. Today’s diets, hectic life styles, and toxic environments are a major cause of aging, illness, and chronic diseases. What’s needed is an integrated, systemic method to obtain one’s highest harmonious balance of health on each level.

Formula 275 A New Era in Herbal Healing

We are excited to offer a revolutionary Ayurvedic Healing program called FORMULA 275, a new era in Ayurvedic healing and aesthetics. Formula 275 is an authorship program, a synergetic and personalized approach based on Herbotherapy, Loyal Diet, the Rule of Five Great Elements, the Chain Method of taking herbs, personalized lifestyle adjustments, self-care, and self-discipline. Formula 275 targets all seven dhatus (body tissues) in particular and surprising order. Formula 275 is an excellent substitute for Pancha Karma. Based on case studies accumulated over many years, FORMULA 275 is a highly effective healing and rejuvenative system for restoring youthful looks, well-being, and creative productivity.

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