3 Ways To Improve Gut Health

3 Ways To Improve Gut Health

1. Eat more vegetables

"Vegetables provide our body with the nutrients it needs on a day-to-day basis and help to maintain general health," McLeod said.

"They also provide fibre to keep the gut healthy and help our body's systems run more effectively."


2. Focus on fibre

Speaking of fibre in veggies, aim to increase overall fibre content, especially if your intake of fruit, vegetables and legumes is low.

"Fibre can provide a huge variety of compounds and nutrients that will help improve gut health. The fibre is in whole grains, fruit, veggies, nuts and legumes," McLeod explained.

"This is why a lot of the time people focus on a plant-based diet for gut health, as many of the plant-based foods are great for gut health in so many different ways."


3. Eat plenty of prebiotic-rich foods

When we think of gut health, probiotics are the first thing to spring to mind. But probiotics, a type of non-digestible fibre, are just as important.

"When prebiotic foods are digested they provide food for the healthy bacteria which are found in our gut, so include things like bananas, onion, garlic, veggies (brussels sprouts and broccoli), whole grains and other fruits," McLeod said.


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