Satvik Ayurveda Spa offering exceptional individualized facials and packages for your Natural Beauty.

Satvik Ayurveda Clinic/SPA Services/Price list

Classical Ayurvedic Warmed Oil 4 Hands Synchronized Massage is a High End Luxury available in our Clinic. Booked till March 2017:)

60 minute Ayurvedic Esthetics Skin Consultation $50.00 ( FREE to December 15th)goes towards your first 3 treatments as a bonus:

first service $15.00 off

second service $15.00 off

third service $20.00 off

any package/ series of any facials is $50.00 off

Rainbow” Signature Facial • 1 HR / $75

Customized facial that addresses your unique skin needs including skin analysis, exfoliation, vacuum, ultrasound deep cleansing procedure and customized anti-aging cocktail. Perfect to start regular care for your skin youth and glow. Recommended to repeat every 4-5 weeks and also Recommended to have our Ayurvedic Warmed Oil 4 Hands Massage at list 5-8 times every week to achieve best results.

Anti-Aging Collagen Facial 60 min/$95

Anti-aging treatment with Super-Collagen visibly transforms the skin to visibly tone, firm, lift and restore radiance. The active ingredients in anti-aging cocktail penetrates in seconds deeply into skin to deliver firming and regenerating benefits. This unique treatment starts with 15 min LED after cleaning skin and lymphatic drainage procedure. Recommended to repeat weekly for 4-6 weeks twice a year.

Fantastic Peeling Treatment -1 hr/115

Fantastic Peeling is seasonal treatment can be done only September to February in Colorado weather. This procedure gently exfoliates, resurface, moisturize, and renew the skin. The use of pure Vitamin C brightens skin, even skin tone, minimizes brown spots, plus signature anti-aging cocktail to increase healthy regeneration of skin cells. Your skin will look and feel smoother, softer, cleaner, fresher and younger, regaining luminosity.

Deep Super Clean Facial• 30 MIN | $50

This deep cleansing facial which triggers hyper-secretion of the sweat and sebaceous glands. It cleans the pores and rids the skin of excess oils and toxins while individually prescribed gels are massaged to deeply penetrate actives and treat. Great for all skin types and age.

“SunRise” Customized face/neck/eye Lift • 1 HR | $150

Non-surgical facelift with Myolift true micro current that “shrink”, reeducate, tone and relax all muscles of the face for a more radiant, firmer appearance to the skin. Perfect treatment to maintain facial youth. 100% natural, safe and pleasant. Set of 6-22 sessions depending of age group and personal goal recommended.

“Happy Day” Treatment • 1 HR 15 MIN | $125

In just over an hour and 15 min., this authored multifaceted treatment delivers deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation, and maximum hydration. Personalized gels are chosen to suit your specific skin needs that will penetrate through our mild ionized current to regain your skin’s natural radiance.

Micro-current Face-Lift

The Micro current machine provides electrical impulses that matches the body’s own electrical impulses. It helps maintain muscle tone and skin elasticity and slows down the aging of the skin and underlying muscle tissue. This results in visible firming and smoothing of the skin. Micro current is the perfect solution for the person who is concerned with the aged appearance of their face, but would like to avoid surgery of invasive procedures and injections. Recommended to have our Ayurvedic Warmed Oil 4 Hands Massage at list 5-8 times every week to achieve best results.

45min / $65

Series of 10 / $550.00

Series of 5 / $300.00








Before After 5 weeks

64 years old model result with 50 minute session one time a week use of 7e MyoLift device

Micro-current Face and Neck-Lift

After 3-4 sessions of Micro current face-lift, we recommend the neck area also be treated, with the same results as for the face.

60min / $125

Series of 5 / $550.00

Series of 6 / $475.00

Micro-current Face and Neck-Lift with Personalized Facial

Add our personalized facial with the Microcurrent face and neck lift. This is the ultimate anti-aging facial where our estheticians skillfully adjust product use to suit your skin’s specific needs. Includes LED light and Nano pen treatments.

80 min / $115

Series of 10 / $900.00


Micro-current Eye-Lift and Under Eye Treatment

Removes under eye puffiness and dark circles. Works on areas around the eyes.

30 min / $45

Series of 5 / $150.00

Eye Perfect Treatment • 40 MIN | $70

A uniquely designed treatment for the eye contour area. Eye Logic combats signs of aging and fatigue by decongesting, toning and lifting the delicate skin around the eyes. After one treatment the eye contour area is visibly brighter, smoother and rejuvenated.

Skincare Enhancements:

Ayurvedic Herbal Tonic scalp treatment $25.00

Vitamin C peel add to any facial $20.00

Brightening mask $20.00

Eye lift treatment with any facial $35.00

Herbal moisturizing/brightening hands treatment $20.00

Facial Waxing:

Eyebrow Shaping—$16.00

Eyebrow Tweezing—$20.00

Lip or Chin wax —$12.00

Cheeks wax —$20.00

Acne Management

In Ayurveda, acne is not considered a disease of the skin but a disease of the whole body. Acne is having 4 stages and recognized to be difficult to treat. Acne is directly connected to digestion, assimilation, toxins, parasites, holding in natural urges, suppressed emotions, especially anger, irritation, shame, grief. Sleeping at a day time and waking up at night could be a one of a main cause of skin problem as well as by consuming too much salty food, dairy, wrong food combinations, and too much meat or heavy, difficult to digest foods.

Ayurvedic Esthetics Protocol for the Treatment of Acne

  • Adjustment of diet, lifestyle, and personal and bedroom hygiene
  • Daily herbal individualized formulations, tinctures, seasonal seasoning, and herbal tea
  • External regular use of herbal body oils, herbal personalized herbal/clay masks, and scalp tonics and oils
  • Regular use of Nasya oil (medicated oil drops in nostrils to help clear/heal face skin)
  • Regular weekly contact with an Ayurvedic Practitioner Esthetician to report any significant changes in emotional and physical status.
  • Regular LED light treatments
  • Weekly/by weekly personalized facials at professional esthetician setting (we will recommend highly trained licensed esthetician in your neighborhood).
  • Make a commitment to yourself and your Ayurveda Esthetician and have a patience. Healing takes time. Do your homework, keep your scheduled appointments top priority.

Step 1 Attend free 45 minutes’ introduction beauty class Skype online or in person or skip to step 2

Step 2. Schedule Ayurvedic Beauty consultation 90-120 minutes’ consultation $275.00

After a thorough consultation with your Esthetician analyzing your skin, diet and homecare routine, a healing plan of two equally important parts: internal and external will be discussed in great details. External: This facial focuses on treating pore congestion and inflammation, gently and effectively. Calming and soothing extracts are used in conjunction with results orientated peels. A series of these treatments along with a specific homecare program usually yields significant results within 12-16 weeks

Acne facial

75min / $115

with peel / $130

Nano Skin Refiner Services

First Session $75

Second $95

Third $95

Fourth $95

Package of four prepaid $320

Around eyes only $35

Local areas (scars, spots) $35

What is Nano Skin Refining?

This completely safe, new, non-invasive, and painless esthetics technology uses a handheld device called a Nano Wand with an array of pyramid like Nano Pins held on a Nano chip. The 16 mm Nano chip with 36 pyramid like pins are extremely small in diameter. Manufactured from mono-crystalline silicon, using advanced semiconductor fabrication technology, the Nano Wand can form up to 200,000 invisible Nano channels in the epidermis, allowing up to 1000% more penetration of skin care nutrients (vitamins, fat burning cocktails, etc.) The micro pores close in less than 15 minutes after the treatment.

The Nano Skin Refiner is the only non-invasive treatment that is more effective than other needling treatments. It does not tear or damage the skin. The Nano Skin Refiner is highly versatile, able to target entire areas like the face, or specific areas such as scars, lines around the mouth and eyes, forehead lines, puffiness, skin discoloration, or hyperpigmentation. The Nano Skin Refiner process effectively stimulates collagen and elastin, and thickens the skin. It can refine the damage of sun, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, scarring and acne conditions. Best results are achieved with a course of 5-6 weekly treatments, followed 1 maintenance treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

Ayurvedic Warmed Oil 4 Hands Massage

In Ayurveda this is called Abhyanga. The specially prepared herbal oil feeds the skin and nourish nervous system, loosens fat soluble toxins from the skin and the body. It is a head to toe delicate massage. In Abhyanga, mama points are stimulated in the process. This is the classic Ayurveda’s Abhyanga, and if you have never experience this luxury, you are in for a real treat.

60 minutes $150.00, Series of 5 $650.00

Ayurvedic herbal paste hands/elbows wrap

Hands usually look as old or as young as you really are. During facial procedure you can include hands wrap to nourish, heal the hands skin, remove brown spots and rebuild elasticity and moisturize the skin.

45-55 min both hands $25


LED Phototherapy Facial

The LED facial, or Color Light Therapy, uses four UV free wavelengths to boost collagen production and treat acne. Improvement in the skin happens right away. Our professional machine can minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun damage and stretch marks, in addition to killing bacteria responsible for breakouts, and boosting collagen production. LED treatments can also boost your mood during the winter months, and may even help boost melatonin production for better sleep.

We begin the process by cleaning the face, then applying hot steam with ozone. Next we apply ultrasound or vacuum if needed, the collagen mask, and last, the LED light. Results from LED light therapy are cumulative, and one to two treatments per week for 4 to 10 weeks is recommended.

60min / $75 series of 5/ $350 series of 10/ $600


LED Phototherapy (without other facial treatments)

30 min LED Phototherapy session $35

series of 10 $300


Cancer Patient Facial

Includes deep cleansing detoxing mask, herbal and ozone steam, and organic anti-aging nourishing mask.

60 min / $65 series of 5/300.00 series of 10/ $500.00

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel or reschedule an appointment, as a respect and courtesy to other guests and to our estheticians, please give a 24-hour notice prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid a 30% charge. No shows will be charged 30% of the treatment amount. If you are running late, please let us know, we always appreciate it. Your arrival time will determine the length of your treatment time, which will end as scheduled so that the next guest may begin on time.